How 'Bout That? NAVC Wraps Up Lil' Big South

January 23, 2016 - This past weekend 22 of our 28 teams were in action at the Lil'Big South tournament held a the GWCC in downtown Atlanta.  The results speak for themselves 4 top 5 finishes in the Open division and 7 top 5 finishes in the Club division total 11 of our 22 teams at Lil' Big south had top 5 finishes!!
  • 16 Chris Champions 16 Open, 
  • 15 Steve 3rd place 15 Open, 
  • 14 Wes 2nd place 14 Open 
  • 13 Courtney 3rd place 13 Open
  • 17 Paul 2nd place 17 Club
  • 17 Leah 5th place 17 Club
  • 15 Drew 5th place 15 Club
  • 15 Sara 5th place 15 Club
  • 14 Audrey 4th place 14 Club
  • 13 Claire 3rd place 13 Club
  • 13 Sam 4th place 13 Club 

The effort by each and every player on every team was outstanding as was the AWESOME Coaching!   Although there is a lot more work to do on skills, knowledge of game, the X's and O's and building of team chemistry,  if this weekends results are any indication NAVC will have one of our best seasons ever!  Now it is time to enjoy the success of this past weekend and prepare for Jan 30-31stwhen we will have 18 of our 28 teams in action at four different tournaments.  I am so proud of all of our NAVC players and coaches and the support and cheering by the parents, AWESOME job this weekend!!

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