NAVC Club Day

January 3, 2016 - January 9th 10:00 am - 2:30 pm ALL players must attend this includes Metro Teams.  Those teams attending the JVA Southern Power League Tournament will have uniforms handed out this week at practices and individual and team picutres will be taken in Nashville.  All other teams, players will need to be at Davis Academy MS by 9:45 am.  During the day we will distribute uniforms, conduct Referee and Score Keeping Certification, take individual and team pictures.  We will have a meeting for those parents on each team who voluncteered to fill the  Travel, Food, Score, Photo, Web Site, NAVC Serves, Communication Volunteer position at 10:15 - 11:15 am in the Davis MS Cafeteria. 

Club Day Jan. 9th @ Davis MS
10-3 PM
8:30                             Coaches arrive and organize uniforms for their team—Jody and I will have jerseys organized, you will be responsible for everything else. Jody will email you the spreadsheet of what goes to each player.
10:00                           Players arrive
10:15-11:15                 Parent Volunteer Meeting (Cafeteria with Craig)—this is NOT for all parents; it is only for parents who have volunteered for Communication, Travel, Food, Website, Scorekeeper, and Photographer—Please let those parents know about this meeting!
10-10:30                      Uniform distribution and try on: If you are in the first 30 minutes of the pictures, please have your team dress for pictures and then they can try on the rest of their uniform after their picture. We HAVE to start at 10:30 with pictures.
10:30-12:30     Team and Individual Pictures—see picture schedule below
                                    Team—Court 1
12-1                             Lunch (players bring their own lunch)
                                    Coaches—lunch will be provided (Thank you Craig!!)
1:00-2:30                     Clinics—coaches should designate who goes to what clinic. If you have a team of 12, 7 should go to scorekeeping and the rest to down ref and line judging.
                                    Scorekeeping—in cafeteria
                                    Down ref and line judging—main gym
**Please make sure that your team picks up their area after Club Day. We have had some MAJOR issues with teams not picking up after themselves at Davis and they are NOT happy about it. Be respectful of the facility and teach your players to be respectful too. The bathrooms have a tendency to be horrendous after Club Day, so designate a few girls to keep tabs on the bathroom—mostly tags from the jerseys get left ALL OVER THE FLOOR!
Picture Schedule
1. Know what time your individual and team picture will be taken. Do not be late!
2. You will take an individual picture too, so smile!
3. All teams will wear GREEN for their individual picture. See below for team picture jersey color.
Time Individual—on stage Team—Ct. 1
10:30 11-1 Ileana 17-3 Leah
10:35 12-1 Amanda 15/16 Metro Hayley
10:40 12-2 Danielle 16-3 Val
10:45 13-2 Claire 15 Metro LK
10:50 13-3 Sam 15-4 Megan
10:55 13-4 Kylie 15-3 Sara
11:00 13 Metro Allegra 13/14 Metro Tara
11:05 14-3 Tom 14 Metro B Katie
11:10 14-4 Danielle 14 Metro A Ashley
11:15 14-5 Hannah 13 Metro Allegra
11:20 14 Metro A Ashley 14-3 Tom
11:25 14 Metro B Katie 14-4 Danielle
11:30 13/14 Metro Tara 14-5 Hannah
11:35 15-3 Sara 13-4 Kylie
11:40 15-4 Megan 13-3 Sam
11:45 15 Metro LK 13-2 Claire
11:50 16-3 Val 12-2 Danielle
11:55 15/16Metro Hayley 12-1 Amanda
12:00 17-3 Leah 11-1 Ileana
Team Team Jersey Color
11-1 Ileana Green
12-1 Amanda Green
12-2 Danielle Green
13-2 Claire Green
13-3 Sam White
13-4 Kylie White
13 Metro Allegra Black
14-3 Tom White
14-4 Danielle White
14-5 Hannah White
14 Metro A Ashley Black
14 Metro B Katie Black
13/14 Metro Tara Black
15-3 Sara White
15-4 Megan White
15 Metro LK Black
16-3 Val White
15/16Metro Hayley Black
17-3 Leah Black


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