SRVA Tryout Policies

August 1, 2015 - PLEASE READ the SRVA (Southern Region Volleyball Association) Tryout Policies.  Pay particular attention to the below section:

"It shall not be considered a violation of the tryout policy for a club, following the beginning of the tryout period and prior to commitment day, to provide a player/parent with a statement that the Club is offering the player a spot on a designated team or the player is an alternate for a spot on a designated team.  The club may not withdraw the offer prior to the established commitment day. (The player can reject the offer, but is not required to respond to the offer prior to the commitment day)."

The above rule means that once a club makes an offer to your daughter to play on a team, that offer may not be withdrawn by the club until Commitment Day (Nov 11, 2015).  

At NAVC we do not believe in the pressuring of players and parents to play on one of our teams with threats that we will take away our offer or you will lose your position if you do not commit immediatly.  At NAVC we will not threaten that if you recind your commitment you will not be able to tryout at this club the following season.  If NAVC offers you a position you have the option to say YES, MAYBE or NO.  We do ask that you come to your decision as quickly as possible, as your decision effects other girls and the building of our teams.  However we want to be clear YOU DO NOT NEED TO MAKE A DECISION unitl November 11, 2015.  


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