Action Packed Saturday Results

April 25, 2015 - Good day for NAVC Teams:
8 of 11 teams at SRVA move into Championship Bracket on Sunday.
3 of 7 teams at Dogwood move into Gold Bracket on Sunday.
2015 SRVA Junior Region Championships

NAVC 12 Amanda
Beating VolleyOne 12-1 Black NAVC 12 Amanda moves into the Championship bracket on Sunday playing their first match vs. A5 12-3 8:00 am court 51.
NAVC 13 Courtney
13 Courtney ended the day in a play off game unfortunately losing that one game and moving into the Silver Bracket on Sunday.
NAVC 13 Ashley
13 Ashley went 2-1 on Saturday beating VolleyOne 13-1 Black and Rocket City 13-2.  Sunday will see the team in action in the Championship Bracket at 9:00 am court 48 vs. A5 13-5.
NAVC 14 Steve
Going 2-1 on Saturday beating Atlanta Boom 14-1 Diamond Rox and Club West Nashville 14-2 moves them into the Championship Round on Sunday. First match is 8:00 am court 47 vs. Club West Nashville 14-1.
NAVC 14 Audrey
Moves into Championship Bracket on Sunday playing at 8:00 am court 46 vs. Metro 14-1 Elite.
NAVC 15 Rob
Beating Madison 15-1 and ProLink 15-1, NAVC Rob will play in the Championship Bracket on Sunday with a match at 11:00 am court 42 vs. A5 15-3.
NAVC 15 Wes
Winning in a play off game vs. VolleyOne 15-1 Red,  NAVC Wes moves into the Championship Bracket playing on Sunday 8:00 am court 38 vs. VolleyOne 15-1 Black.
NAVC 15 Steve
Went 2-1 on Saturday playing in the club division.  This places the team in a championship play in bracket on Sunday vs. C4 15-2 at 8 am court 7.
NAVC 15 Mal
15 Mal also playing in the club level division went 1-2 and will play Sunday in the Silver Bracket.
NAVC 16 Bri
Going 2-1 on Sunday moving into the Championship Bracket at 9:00 am court 19 vs. Atlanta Extreme 16-1.
NAVC 16 Paul
After three tough fought matches on Saturday, 16 Paul will be playing in the Silver Bracket on Sunday court 29 at 2:00 pm.
NAVC 16 Sharaya
16 Sharaya playing in the club division went 2-1 and will play on Sunday in the Club Division Championship Bracket 8:00 am court 18 vs. Mid TN 16-2.
NAVC 17 Damien
Sunday will see 17 Damien in the Silver Bracket playing at 2:00 pm.
NAVC 18 Leah
Great day going 3-0 beating A5 18-3, Metro 18-1 and Tsunami 18-1 Joe.  18 Leah will move into the Championship Bracket with a bye, playing at 12:00 pm court 37.
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Dogwood Donnybrook
(Southern Volleyball Center or Peachtree City Volleyball Center)
NAVC 12 Danielle
Went 3-0 on Saturday beating GA5 12-2, Choo Choo 12-2 and C4 Explosive 12-1.  The team will play in the Gold Bracket on Sunday vs. Atlanta Extreme 12-2 Joel at 9:00 am court 2 Peachtree VBC.
NAVC 12 Cory
Moves into the Gold Bracket playing on Sunday vs. Choo Choo 12-2 at 8:00 am.
NAVC 13 Claire
Will play in Silver Bracket on Sunday
NAVC  13 Bri
Silver Bracket on Sunday.
NAVC  13 Hannah
Silver Bracket on Sunday.
NAVC  14 Tom
Played great on Saturday going 2-1 beating Crossfire 14-4, Skill Factory 14-2 and losing to GA5 14-3 in three.  14 Tom moves into the Gold Bracket on Sunday with a match at 9:00 am Ct 3 SVC vs. Crossfire 14-2.
NAVC  14 Kat
Silver Bracket on Sunday.

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