NAVC Success Week 7 Tournaments

March 2, 2015 -

Weekend Recap: (February 28-March 1)

  • 19 Team in Action
  •   8 Teams Advance to Gold Bracket
  • 11 Teams Advance to Silver Bracket
  •  Champions Power Gold-16 Bri
  •   2nd Place Power Gold-18 Leah
  •   3rd Place Power Gold-12 Amanda
  •  Champions Power Silver-14 Steve
  •  Champions Power Silver- 13 Courtney
  •   2nd Place Power Silver-17 Damien
  •   2nd Place Club Gold-12 Danielle

NASA Spring Bash  
NAVC 16-1 Bri 16 Power Gold Champions!!
A great weekend in Huntsville for the 16-1's going 11-2 and begin crowned Champions.  On Sunday 16 Bri began their quest for a third Championship this season.  They faced a tough Mid Tn 16-1 team that had some great rally's and then beat Bravo 16 National in 2 (25-23, 30-28) and finally beating RCVC 16-1 for the 16 Power Championship.

NAVC 12-1 Amanda 12 Power Gold Bracket:
The 12-1's had a great weekend going 6-4 and ending up in 3rd place in the 12 Power Gold. 

NAVC 13-1 Courtney 13 Power Silver Bracket
Our 13-1 team had a HUGE turnaround on Sunday playing in the 13 Power Silver.  They ended up with a record of 6-7 and winning the 13 Power Silver Bracket.

NAVC 13-2 Ashley 13 Power Gold Bracket:
Playing in the 13 Power Gold on Sunday 13-2 ended up with a record of 5-5 and 5th place.
NAVC 14-1 Steve 14 Power Silver Bracket:
Started out the day on Sunday playing NAVC 14 Audrey and moved on to face Mid TN 14-2 with 14 Steve winning in 3 and then beating the Mem Metro 14 Elite in 2 to win the 14 Power Silver Bracket Championship.

NAVC 14-2 Audrey 14 Power Silver Bracket
14 Audrey completed the weekend in 13th place in the 14 Power division.

NAVC 15-1 Robert 15 Power Sliver Bracket:
Sunday began with a match vs. Mid TN 15-1 with 15 Rob winning and then facing our NAVC 15-2 Wes in the next round.  This was a great match with back and forth lead changes in each set and going to 3 games with 15 Rob winning 17-15 and ending up 2nd in the 15 Power Silver.
NAVC 15-2 Wes 15 Power Silver Bracket
15 Wes ended up the weekend 9th place in the 15 Power division.

NAVC 16-2 Paul 16 Power Silver Bracket
16 Paul began the day playing NASA South 16-1 beating NASA in three.  16 Paul ended up the weekend in 8th place 16 Power.

NAVC 17-1 Damien  17 Power Silver Bracket
On Sunday 17 Damien beat Alliance 17 in 2 then took care of the Jackson Juniors 17-1 moving into the finals of the 17 Power Silver unfortunately losing to Mid TN 17-1.  NAVC 17-1 Damien ended the weekend at 7-6 and 12th place in the 17 Power division.

NAVC 18-1 Leah 18 Power Gold Bracket
A GREAT weekend for 18 Leah going 8-6
and completing the weekend in 2nd place in the 18 Power division.
Far Out Festival
NAVC 12 Danielle 12 Club Gold Bracket:
12 Danielle had a outstanding weekend going 8-3 and playing in the finals of the 12 Club Gold unfortunately losing to 12 Alliance and finishing up 2nd in the 12 Club Division.
NAVC 13 Claire  13 Club Silver Bracket:
Ended up the weekend with a 4-9 record and 9th place in the 13 Club division.
NAVC 16-3 Sharaya 16 Club Silver Bracket
Ended the weekend with a 5-6 record and 8th place in the 16 Club division.

NAVC 15-3 Steve 15 Club Gold Bracket 
Completed the weekend at 5-7 and 5th in the 15 Club division.
Kudzu Klassik
NAVC 12-3 Cory 12 Club Gold Bracket
Finished the weekend in 10th place in 12 Club division.
NAVC 13-4 Bri 13 Club Gold Bracket
13 Bri had a great weekend playing in the Gold bracket on Sunday and ended up 5th place.

NAVC 14 Kat 14 Club Silver Bracket
Completed the weekend in 9th place 14 Club division.

NAVC 15 Mal 15 Club Silver Bracket
Ended up the weekend with a 5-6 record and 11th place in 15 Club division.

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