NAVC Successful Weekend at First Lady Challenge, BVC and Tsunami

February 16, 2015 -

Final Results First Lady Challange Feb 14-16th

NAVC 12-1 Amanda 12 Power/Club-3rd Place 12 Power Gold
With a 9-3 record at the end of Saturday play our NAVC 12-1 Amanda entered Sunday playing in the 12 Power Gold Bracket.  Their first match was against Carolina Islanders 12 Elite which NAVC won in 2 (25-23, 25-21).  Next up A5 Mizuno 12-2 Mike team.  This was a great match with the first set going to 12 Amanda 25-23, A5 12-2 won the second set 12-25 and the tie breaker went to A5 7-15.  Overall NAVC 12-1 Amanda went 12-5 this weekend ending up in 3rd place out of 11 teams.  Great Job!

NAVC 12-2 Danielle 12 Power/Club-2nd Place 12 Club Gold
After Friday and Saturday play NAVC 12-2 Danielle posted a 6-9 record.  Sunday started out with NAVC 12-2 Danielle playing in the 12 Club Gold bracket and beating the Carolina Islanders 12 Power moving on to the Championship match vs GA5 12 Jasmine.  This match went three games with GA5 taking the first set 14-25, NAVC taking the 2nd set 25-22 and 
GA5 winning the tie breaker 5-15.  NAVC 12-2 Danille ended the weekend in 2nd Place 12 Club. 

NAVC 13-1 Courtney 14/13 Power
NAVC 13-1 Courtney began Sunday in the 13 Power Gold Bracket facing A5 Mizuno 13-4 Michelle.  Although a good battle A5 13-4 did win the match. 

NAVC 13-2 Ashley 14/13 Club 2nd Place 13 Club Gold Bracket
began Sunday in the 13 Club Gold beating GA5 13 Kelsey in two sets.  As they moved into the championship game facing A5 Mizuno 13-5 Bri NAVC put up a great fight but ended up losing in three to A5 (23-25, 25-14, 12-15)

NAVC 14-2 Audrey 14/13 Club
Posted a 10-6 record over the weekend with victories over A5 Mizuno 13-5 Bri, GA5-14 Cherry.  Sunday 14-2 Audrey faced GA5 14 Cherry in the quarterfinals of the 14 Club Gold Bracket unfortunately losing to GA5.

NAVC 14-1 Steve 14/13 Power
Began Sunday with a 8-5 record and playing in the 14 Power Gold Bracket.  Lost to A5 in the first round of the play on Sunday ending up for the weekend at a 8-7 record.

NAVC 14-3 Tom 14/13 Club
After Saturday and Sunday play had  6-6 record and playing in the 14 Club Gold Bracket losing in the first round.

NAVC 15-1 Rob 16/15 Power
The news this weekend with 15-1 Robert was that unfortunately Coach Robert Tarr is leaving NAVC, moving back to New Zealand with his family.  The great news was that NAVC has the depth in coaching needed to replace great coaching other great coaches.  Robert Jones will be assuming the Head Coaching responsibilities for NAVC 15-1.

NAVC 15-2 Wes 16/15 Club 15 CLUB CHAMPIONS!!
UNDEFEATED in matches during the weekend posting a 16-1 set record with victories vs. Carolina Crush 16's, Crossfire 16's, Tsunami Rome 16's, A5 15 South, GA5 16, and beating A5 South 15-2 Julie in the 15 Club Gold Championship game.  Congratulations to Coach Wes, Coach Carolyn and the entire 15-2 Wes team!!

NAVC 16-2 Paul 16/15 Club 16 CLUB CHAMPIIONS!!
UNDEFEATED in matches during the weekend and posting a 16-2 set record NAVC 16-2 Paul claimed the 16 Club Championship beating Classic City 16-1 in the championship game.  Congratulations to Coach Paul, Coach Katie and the entire 16-2 Paul team!!

NAVC 16-1 Bri 16/15 Power
Placed 5th with a 11-7 record in the 16 Power division unfortunately losing to the A5 South 16-2 team in the first round of the 16 Power Gold bracket.  
NAVC 17-1 Damien 17 Power/18 Club
Posted a 7-9 record this weekend playing in the 17 Power Gold Bracket on Sunday unfortunately losing to GA5 17 Katie. 
NAVC 18-1 Leah 18 Power
After this weekend went 10-7 playing in the 18 Power Gold Bracket on Sunday and placing 5th.

BVC Valentine Bash:

15-3 Steve  15 Club
Saturday: 6-2 record going into Sunday play
Sunday: Played 15-1 Club Crimson but lost in 2.

16-3 Sharaya 16 Club
Saturday: 16 Sharaya had a great day going 8-1 beating NFC 16-1, Club Crimson 16-1 and New South 16-1.
Sunday: Beat NFC 16-1 moving into semi-finals losing to Aftershock 16-1. 

Tsunami Tournament

NAVC 13-3 Claire
Saturday: 3-2 record unfortunately losing in the Semi-Finals ending up 4th place. 

NAVC 13-5 Hannah
13-5 Hannah went 3-5 on Saturday

Congratulations to all of our teams this weekend!

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