NAVC Teams SUCCESS! Weekend Results Ice Breaker, K2 Wilderness, Music City Block Party

February 2, 2015 - NAVC had 19 of our 25 teams in action this weekend of January 31-February 1st.  NAVC put out notice that we are a club that comes ready to play.  After day 1 NAVC  16 of our 19 teams entered the Gold Bracket of play for the second day (for those new to club volleyball Gold is the top bracket).   

At the end of Day 2 NAVC accomplished the following:  
  • Three Championships (12-1 Amanda,  13-1 Courtney Icebreaker and 16-1 Bri Power K2 Wilderness)
  • One 2nd Place Gold Bracket 13-2 Ashley Ice Breaker (played 13-1 Courtney in Finals.
  • Four 3rd Place Gold Bracket (18-1 Leah 18 Power K2, 14-4 Kat Ice Breaker, 14-1 Steve 14 Power Ice Breaker, 16-3 Sharaya ice Breaker)
  • Two 4th Place Gold Braket (12-2 Danielle Ice Breaker, 15-4 Mal Ice Breaker)
  • Two teams with undefeated weekend (12-1 Amanda 12-0 and 16-1 Bri 12-0)

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