NAVC makes statement at Lil Big South...

January 19, 2015 - NAVC sent 16 teams to the Lil Big South tournament and 10 teams came away placing in the top four spots in brackets.  16 Briana led the charge winning the 16 Open championship and our 16 Paul team with a 8-0 record won the 16 Club championship. All or our NAVC teams did a great job at the opening tournament of the 2014-15 season.
  • 17 Damien placed 2nd in the 17 Club division Gold bracket
  • 15 Robert finished 1st in the 15 Open Silver bracket
  • 15 Wes took 1st place in the 15 Club Bronze bracket
  • 14 Audrey finished 3rd in the 14 Club Gold braket
  • 13 Courtney took 2nd place in the 13 Open Bronze
  • 13 Ashley placed 1st in the 13 Open Silver bracket
  • 12 Amanda finished up 4th in the 12 Open Gold bracket
  • 12 Danielle placed 2nd in the 12 Open Silver bracket

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