Exciting News at NAVC for 2019-2020 Season Steve Wilcosky named as Club Director

Steve Wilcosky named NAVC Club Director effective August 1, 2019

June 3, 2019 - At the NAVC End of Season Celebration, Craig LaFontaine announced his departure from NAVC.  Steve Wilcosky will take over as Club Director effective August 1, 2019.  Below are excerpts from the announcment that Craig made yesterday:

After 13 years at NAVC as a volleyball Dad, coach and 8 years as the Club Director/Owner it is time to turn the reins over to new leadership. 

As we grow older life brings change. Many of you are aware that, in addition to operating NAVC, I also held a position as a Region Sales Manager with a company. 

In January, 2019 I was offered and accepted a promotion to Director of Sales. My responsibilities require weekly national travel and more time with my corporate position as I lead a division within the company where I work. 

Alicia and I are now empty nesters, as well as grandparents.  As our three adult children start the next stage of their lives, we want to spend more time with them and their families, as well as travel. 

This has been a difficult decision, however I feel that NAVC would be best served with new leadership in place and someone who can dedicate their time fully to NAVC.

I want to thank everyone who has been associated with NAVC over the last 8 years, coaches, players, parents, the NAVC administrative staff including Damien and Briana Scott, Kat Stevens, Steve Wilcosky, Wes Auld, Paul Elliott, Karen Clark, Courtney Clark. Also, those who were with me during the early years of assuming the leadership of NAVC: Leah Mihm, Jody Johnson, Megan Byrd, Jackie Flynn and Kim Fannon. These people were integral in the development of NAVC over the last 8 years, and I am so appreciative of their commitment, passion and selfless attitude toward making NAVC a first-class organization. To the players and parents who have passed through the NAVC family since 2011, thank you for your support and the memories.  My biggest thank you is to my wife Alicia for supporting me in my passion for NAVC.  The amount of time over the past eight years that I have spent traveling on weekends with NAVC, plus my travel during the week with my sales position, was enormous but Alicia was always there to support me.  

Effective August 1, 2019 Steve Wilcosky will assume the Club Director role at NAVC. Steve has been coaching volleyball since 2005 at the college level and club level.  He is currently Head Coach at Life University and Head Coach NAVC 18's. Steve has also been an integral member of the USA Volleyball High Performance staff since 2011. Steve has served as a Master Coach/Technical Coordinator with Wildfire Volleyball Academy as well as Boomers Volleyball Club, both of these clubs located in Florida. Steve has a Bachelor of Science in Sports Medicine with a concentration in Athletic Training from Guilford College in Greensboro NC. Steve is a CAP Level I status with USA Volleyball. Steve will be the "face" of NAVC and will be responsible for day to day operations. Steve will be announcing his staff within the next few weeks.

Steve has already started a review of NAVC training programs, including practices, position training, strength & speed training, youth programs, tournament schedules, travel schedules, fee schedules, retention of current coaches and recruitment of new coaches to the NAVC family.   Steve looks forward to the development of an enhanced program based on his experience, creating the next level of volleyball skill development for all NAVC players.  Steve, along with his coaching and administrative staff, will lead NAVC into the next 25 years creating a great culture based on instruction, development of skills and teaching lifelong lessons.

As many of you know Damien and Briana Scott have made the decision to leave the NAVC Coaching and Administrative Staff. The decision was based on the time commitment needed to be an effective coach and the time commitment serving on the administrative staff at NAVC. Damien and Bri want to spend more time with their two little girls at this stage in their lives. A special thank you goes out to Damien and Bri who were integral in the growth and development of not only NAVC but also the hundreds of girls they both coached during their time at NAVC. 

Founded in 1993 NAVC is the longest running junior volleyball program in the Atlanta area. We will continue to operate as NAVC and NAVC West, serving the families who come to NAVC.  We will continue teaching the skills of volleyball, leadership, teamwork, and most importantly, the skills of life.

Information regarding the 2019-2020 club season such as tryouts, cost structure, coach roster, tournament schedule and travel will be posted to the website beginning in August. 

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