Coaches Spotlight

August 26, 2018 - Each week NAVC will hi-lite our Coaches for the 2018-19 season.  This week the spotlight is on three of our Head Coaches
Steve Wilcosky 18--1 team, Damien Scott 16-1 team and Briana Scott 14-1 team.  

Steve Wilcosky
Head Coach NAVC 18-1
•NAVC Coach 2014-Present
•Head Coach Life University 2015-Present
•Head Coach Nova Southeastern University 2006-2013
•College Coach Assistant 2000-2005
•USA Volleyball High Performance Coach
•Wildfire Volleyball Club 2012-2014
•Boomers Volleyball Club 2006-2012

Damien Scott
Head Coach NAVC 16-1
•NAVC Coach 2013- present
•Played at UCLA, NCAA National Champions 2006
•Captain UCLA Men’s Volleyball 2005-2006
•USA Men’s National Volleyball Team 2006-2010
•Professional Volleyball 2006-2013
•USA Adult Nationals Team Paul Mitchell 2007-2011
•Club Volleyball Coaching Experience 8 years
•High School Volleyball Coaching Experience 3 years
•Strength & Conditioning Coach UCLA Men’s Team
•Assistant Coach Georgia State beach volleyball

Briana Scott
Head Coach 14-1
•NAVC Coach 2013-present
•High School Coaching Experience 3 years
•Middle School Coaching Experience 2 years
•Professional Volleyball 2012-13
•UGA Assistant Coach/Recruiting Director 2008-11
•Ohio State Nike Volleyball Camps Coach 2004-2007
•Played at The Ohio State University 2003-2007


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