Holiday Break Recap & Wishing You Happy Holidays!

December 21, 2014 - The first four weeks of our 2014-2015 NAVC Club season have come to a close.  During the past four weeks as I visited practices, Setters Clinics and VolleyU I can confidently say that this seasons level of talent on all of our NAVC teams is AMAZING!  Those attending the Setter clinics and VolleyU are making the commitment to become better volleyball players and I see these players improving every week.  As I watch the practices and receive feedback from coaches, players and parents I confident that this season will be NAVC's best ever. 
We have four weeks (2 weeks on your own with no practices and 2 weeks with team practices) until most teams play in your first 3-day tournament at Lil Big South.  Over the next two weeks it will be up to each player to stay in shape and continue to progress making a commitment to work out and get touches on the volleyball.
  • We have provided a fitness program for you to follow, 6 days-24 minute workouts over the next 14 days (see Holiday Fitness & Nutrition on our Website and in NAVC Court Talk.
  • We have added VolleyU classes December 22, 23, 28, 29 and 30th
  • NAVC/Pro Volley Holiday Camp will take place January 2-4th (View schedule on our website)
Prepare yourself by challenging yourself each day so that you are ready for the upcoming season.  All of our teams including our Metro teams will be back on the practice courts the week of January 4th. 
Enjoy the next couple of weeks with your family and friends during this holiday season.   Wishing you all safe travels and a very happy holiday season.
                           Merry Christmas!
                           Happy Hanukkah!

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