NAVC Raises $21,113 for ACS

March 24, 2017 - NAVC Raises $21,113.00 for the American Cancer Society with our Serve 4 Support campaign.  

NAVC paretnered with the American Cancer Society to both raise funds for cancer research and share the sport of volleyball throughout the Atlanta community! Serving 4 Support is a club wide campaign aligned with our spring tournaments. In March, each NAVC team competed in a campaign where donors were asked to contribute based on how many aces the team serves in a weekend. The team that generates the largest donation will be rewarded with team Pizza Party.

Bring on the Aces NAVC!

Here are the top 10 teams results:

13 Courtney $4,869.00 with 70 aces
14 Bri $4,716.00 with 63 aces
14 Danielle $1,440.00 with 60 aces
17 Chris $1,370.00 with 60 aces
12 Amanda $1,283.00 with 82 aces
15 Cory $1,237.00 with 47 aces
12 Chelsea $945.00 with 89 aces
16 Damien $863.00 with 36 aces
14 Tom $795.00 with 40 aces
15 Sophie $775.00 with 52 aces 

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