NAVC Partners with ACS

March 10, 2017 - NAVC partners with American Cancer Society in Serving 4 Support

NAVC is excited to launch a partnership with American Cancer Society to both raise funds for cancer research and share the sport of volleyball throughout the Atlanta community! Serving 4 Support is a club wide campaign aligned with our spring tournaments. In March, each NAVC team will compete in a campaign where donors will be asked to contribute based on how many aces the team serves in a weekend. The team that generates the largest donation will be rewarded with team Pizza Party.

NAVC will be selling t-shirts for the Serving 4 Support campaign. T-shirts will be priced at $10. All proceeds from t-shirt sales and the campaign will be used to purchase volleyball equipment for local YMCAs as part of the Healthy Eating and Active Living Environments Program run by the American Cancer Society. And a portion of funds will be directed toward cancer research grants. 

American Cancer Society will be joining our Sunday practices to create awareness of the campaign. Your team's pledge page will launch in March so be on the look out for communication from you coach. 

Aces will be measured at the following tournaments for each team:
Southern Youth Festival (March 18-19) - 12-2 Chelsea, 12-3 Jaida, 11-1 Jen 

NAVC PreBSQ (March 25) - 15 Lite Crissy, 14 Lite Sam, 13 Lite Miriam

Big South (April 1-3) - All other NAVC West and East teams 

Bring on the Aces NAVC!

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