Why I Won't Pay for Club Volleyball

February 20, 2017 - This article was shared by one of our NAVC Coaches with her team.  Below are the words from the coach to her players and a link to the article:

"I wanted to also share an article with everyone that I read every year as club season begins and spend time re-reading throughout the year. It's a reminder of why I played Club Volleyball and am confident its why my parents encouraged me to play and supported helping me pay for club volleyball. As a coach, its a great reminder of why I coach and my love of competition. I have copied some specific quotes below that always really stand out to me. The first one is my favorite and I think as adults, parents, grandparents, teachers and coaches, we all can agree this is one of the most valuable lessons of playing competitive sports. I challenge the girls to spend time reading this article and really think about the focus, commitment, compassion, teamwork and hard work you will bring to the remainder of our club season."

Quotes from the below article...

I pay for the life lessons that losses, frustrations, and disappointment from competition can provide. I pay for life lessons, victories, and personal/team accomplishments that competition can provide.

I pay for you to understand that you will forever be surrounded by more talented people and less talented people, and that a true leader has the humility and patience to work with both. 

I pay because club volleyball reinforces the life lessons about hope, compassion, hard work, and commitment to yourself and others,

I pay to assure that you are pushed beyond your perceived limits. I pay coaches to challenge you at every practice and match.


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