December 8, 2016 - After many hours of working to find dates that were not effected by New Years Day which is on a Sunday this year and the start of many private schools on January 2nd as well as a  facility that would accommodate the 11 teams that will participate in our NAVC ProVolley Holiday Camp we are pleased to announce the following:

NAVC ProVolley Holiday Camp:  
Dates: Dec 29 and 30th 
Location: 811 Brogdon Rd #108, Suwanee, GA 30024 (Atlanta Extreme facility)
Times:  13 Courtney, 14 Bri, 14 Danielle, 14 Sung, 15 Cory 9:00 am-1:00 pm
            15 Steve, 16 Damien, 16 Sara, 17 Chris, 17 Wes, 18 Allegra 11:45 am-3:45 pm

We do apologize for the late timing of this announcement, we always strive to provide a first class program.  The Holiday Camp has been an important step towards our NAVC teams success the last two seasons and we wanted to offer this camp this season.    If you have already made travel plans for the Dec 29 and 30th dates and you will not be able to participate in the camp, we understand, just communicate with our coach.  Thank you for your understanding and patience with this process.  

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