NAVC SERVES....15 Danielle Team Adopts 7 Year Old

December 8, 2016 - The team members of NAVC 15 Danielle decided to “adopt” a 7 year old female refugee sponsored by The International Rescue Committee (IRC) for this season of giving.  Attached is a photo of the team with just some of the gifts the girls collected for the 7 yr old girl.

The NAVC Serves Program Coordinator is Courtney Clark.  Courtney is extremely acative in community events throughout the Atlanta area and introduced the NAVC Serves Program to us several years ago.  The NAVC Serves Program continues to grow, the objectives of NAVC Serves
  • Have a broader impact in the Atlanta community by serving our community. 
  • Create a positive club experience. 
  • Create opportunities for teams to bond off the volleyball court.
Thank you to the players, parents and coaches of 15 Danielle for your contribution to helping those who are less fortunate.  

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