October 17, 2016 - Hello NAVC Families!

We are so excited to welcome you to our NAVC family and we look forward to another great season with each of you! I apologize for any miscommunication you may have seen on any of our social media, about commitment night, uniform fitting, etc.. But below we are including information and details for tomorrow as well as important dates we have coming up, so please mark your calendars.

Your coaches will be sending the following forms to you to fill out before you come to Commitment Night tomorrow night at Life University (all 14U teams, East & West, will be at Life U!) Please read through everything and let us know if you have any questions.

1.  Code of Conduct needs to be signed by player and parent, they only need to return the last sheet with signatures into us at Commitment Night (if they turn in full packet coaches can throw away all except the last sheet with signatures)
2.  Financial Obligation need to sign and turn in both sheets
3.  Automatic Account Withdrawl, need to complete and turn in this one sheet
4.  Birth Certificate Copy (only National teams 14-1, 14-2 and 13-1) for AAU's

If you have two daughters you can bring them both, one will register with her coach, the other child will need to come to the Admin Table to register.
If you can't make Commitment Night you need to notify your Head Coach, if you do not you will lose spot on your team.  We must receive via email scanned copies of the Code of Conduct, Financial Obligation, Automatic Withdrawl and Birth Cert, check can be mailed to Craig LaFontaine 5330 Evian Crossing Kennesaw GA 30152 made payable to NAVC must be received by Monday October 24th

If pay by CC there is a 3.5% fee that is charged by the CC company.

You can pay by CC, the payment program will be operational 3:00 pm Tuesday Oct 18th on the NAVC website, if you do pay by CC you will need to print and bring receipt with you to turn in with your paperwork.

The driveway taking you to the Life University  Center for Athletics and Sport Health Science building is off of Barclay Circle on the road across from the Bell Tower, there will be an NAVC signs pointing you in the correct direction.  Follow the NAVC signs, you may need to park in the lower parking lot but still follow the NAVC signs to the door that you will enter.  You will meet with your Head Coach (or their representative) and hand in to them Code of Conduct, Financial Contract, Automatic Account Withdrawl and Birth Certificate copy as well as your check made payable to NAVC or the receipt from your online payment.

You will then proceed to the uniform fitting area, PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU ARE WITH YOUR CHILD TO MAKE SURE THEY ORDER THE CORRECT SIZES.  We place the order after the Uniform Fitting for our 15-18's and it is VERY difficult to re-order items and may not be here prior to mid February.

Prior to exiting the facility we will check your "Check Out Form" to make sure you have everything completed.

Important Dates:
November 27th  First Practice Day
December 10th  Officiating and Score Keeper Certification Mandatory for all players all age levels.  We will also have a meeting for the following two groups:
1.  Parents new to club volleyball
2.  Those of you who have volunteered for Communications, Travel, Food, Web Site, Photographer, Chaperone positions on the team your coaches will be talking to you about these opportunities.
January 7th  Club Day mandatory for all players all age levels:  Uniform distribution, Team and Individual Pictures,

Schedule for Commitment Night..Please follow the schedule below for the team your daughter will be playing on:
6:00PM: 11U & 12WEST
6:15PM: 12-3
6:30PM: 12-2
6:45PM: 12-1

7:00PM: 13LITE & 14LITE
7:15PM: 13-3 & 13-2
7:30PM: 14-5 & 14-4
7:45PM: 14-3

8:00PM: 13-1
8:15PM: 14-2 & 14WEST
8:30PM: 14-1

We also want to let you know, Life University Women's Volleyball team will be playing at Life tomorrow also!  It would be great to show your support to some of our very own NAVC coaches who will be playing and coaching!

Again, please let us know if you have any questions and keep an eye out for the forms coming from your head coaches!

Thank you!

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