Player Fees

Fee's for NAVC teams are posted on the right hand side of this page under Related Documents.  You may click on the age group and view Player Fees for your age, what is included as well as dates of payments and amounts.  

This season at NAVC:

The team offering has been updated as of September 21, 2018.  We have made the decisoin based on feedback from those who played at NAVC and prospective families that we needed to offer levels of teams that allowed players to focus on academics as well as volleyball.  The teams we offer are very similar to our offering in the 2016-17 season. 

We have also received a generous financial donation through Pro Volley allowing NAVC to reduce cost of our teams.  The donation from Pro Volley and the new level of teams offering have allowed NAVC to reduce cost for families substantially.  The new Player Fee schedules are now posted under Related Documents.

Each volleyball organization promotes thier offering differently.  Please make sure to understand what you are receiving for your money.  Club volleyball is an expensive sport, at NAVC West the Player Fee includes:
  • As an example NAVC offers 7 1/2 hours training for Mizuno, Molten and Region teams ages 14-17, other clubs only offer 6 hours per week. 
  • NAVC has our 2's teams Molten go through June included in price,  our 3's teams Region ages 14-17 go through end of May included in price.  Check other clubs to see how long your season is included in the fees.
  • Age 12 & Under receive four-six (4-6) hours of training per week, four hours of practice when team has tournament play on Sunday's.
  • Rental cost of facilities
  • Equipment (balls, nets, poles, pads, jump ropes, exercise bands)
  • Uniforms
  • Two coaches per team 
  • Coach travel
  • Teams ages 15-17 player hotel room (players stay togethern four players in each room) We are converting to a policy of players stay with parents in an effort to reduce cost, parent is only paying for one room in which player stays with parent.  This season our 14's, 13's, 12's, 11's, 10's will stay in rooms wiht parents.
  • USAV/AAU/JVA membership fees
  • Insurance
  • Strength & Conditioning
  • Yoga session weekly (Sunday practices)
  • Position Training two times per month 
  • End of year banquet
  • Ages 14-17 Holiday Boot Camp Jan 4-5th, 14 hours of training
  • Ages 12-13 Group Training Sessions December 28th-29th 
  • Tournament Entry Fees
  • VolleyRecruits (Ages 15-18 Mizuno and Molten teams)
  • Administration Cost
Please make sure that your family finances will provide that monthly payments will be made to NAVC on time on a monthly basis. Our Player Fees are split into seven payments (five payments for Metro teams).

Once you accept a position on a NAVC team there are no refunds, you have agreed to pay all fees, there will not be any reduction in your responsibitiy due to injury of player either on or off the court.  If you make a decision to leave NAVC during the season you will be resonsible for payment of the remainig balance of the Player Fee.  Understand the cost we charge to player is based on total expenses of team divided by the number of players on the team.  Please make sure you read and undesrtand NAVC Financial Commitment prior to commiting to a NAVC team.

Please refer to our Club Season Teams & Training for details and examples of practices

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