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Description of Coordinator’s Roles

Travel Coordinator

  • Works closely with the Club Travel Coordinator, who will arrange for team hotel reservationsand bus/air travel.
  • Ensures that the team’s travel, hotel and restaurant arrangements are planned out.  Worksclosely with food coordinator to plan breakfast and dinner when traveling.
  • Prepares a travel itinerary and in advance of each tournament that includes travel information, directions to the hotel and playing venue, hotel information, meal plans, general playing schedule, etc.
  • Assures that the players are checked in to the hotel with keys for rooms.
  • Ensures that the team contact list and the email list on Google Groups are accurate and up-to-date
  • Helps the coaches and other parent coordinators with email/phone communications to the team  (i.e. last minute changes to the practice schedule, inclement weather, travel plans, etc.)
  • Responsible for the coordination and collection of team information/money for things like the NAVC Award Banquet.
       Food Coordinator
  •  Ensures that the team has food at tournaments
  • Responsible for putting together a schedule that arranges for all parents to contribute to the Feeding of the team at home and at away matches and organizes parents to set up food tables over the course of the season
  • Ensures that the food arrangements conform to the nutrition guides established by the club
  • Works with the coaches and the travel coordinator to plan out the breakfast, lunch and dinner arrangements in advance, whether at a restaurant or brining food in.
 Score Recorder
  • Responsible for recording scores and outcome of each match at tournaments.  You will utilize our new score reporting system which is easy to use and displays the results to our website for all NAVC family to view.  Further instructions for reporting the results will be posted on our website and provide to the Score Recorder.
  • We want pictures of players, coaches, parents during the match, at practices, goofing off and having a good time and the end of tournament photo of teams placing in tournament.  This year NAVC will have a photo contest selecting a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. Pictures will be sent to Craig LaFontaine at and published on the web site and used for our end of year banquet.  Please use a regular camera, the phone camera’s do not provide the greatest quality for photo’s to be published on the website.
  •  Any picture, no matter how gigantic, will be resized by the web site applications automagically to be the correct size for the site.  However, if you upload really large photos, it takes much longer to upload to the server before they can be received and resized, which will slow you way down. 

    Any picture taken with a digital camera is actually too big, even at smallest settings.  Setting the camera to the smallest resolution available will make your life easier.  Here's the real keys:  [1] Shoot all photos the same "shape" (portrait, 3x4 aspect ratio is ideal) then they will be resized to match.  [2] Use a good camera, preferably outdoors or with natural light, without lights behind the subject.  Camera phone photos will make your web site look amateurish.  You want to set shutter at 250/sec and ISO to highest possible setting 800 if possible.
  Web Site                                                    
  • This person will be responsible for adding players uniform #, individual pictures of the girls and teams picture to your team page after Club Day.  You will also be responsible for  updating NAVC Website Coordinator on any players on your team that achieve special recognition within volleyball or academically.

NAVC Serves   
  •  NAVC Serves Coordinator- Responsible for working with coaches, parents and players to coordinate a NAVC Serves project for the team during the duration of the season.

Contact Information

Craig LaFontaine, Executive Director

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