How Do I Make A Payment?

Easy to pay with Paid Up, no more remembering when payments are due, no more checks to mail:

North Atlanta Volleyball Club has partnered with PaidUp to process all payments. PaidUp is solely focused on making sure you have a great experience setting up and making your payments.

PaidUp began wiht the singular goal of making youth sports easier.  Co-founder Allan Rayson, a father of three boys active in travel lacrosse, noticed a need in youth sports club managment that hadn't been properly filled, specifically in the area of payements.  Shortly thereafter, Allan partnered with Felipe Fernandes who is the brains of the operation on the technology side, to develop a solution for clubs that allowed the club to completely offload the administrative burden of managing payements.  Felipe and Allan, being parents themselves, have worked tirelessly to develop PaidUp in such a way that the Club Directors, parent and athletes all benefit.

As you get to know the PaidUp Support Team, you will likely be speaking to and working with either Felipe, Allan or Jen, all of whom are in Austin.  You can reach them at (855) 764-3232 or and any one of them can help you.

How To Make Your Payment

  • Click the PaidUp logo (or visit PaidUp by clicking here).
  • Register for an account and select your program and enter your debit/credit card or bank account.
  • PaidUp will auto-charge your account on the date(s) presented (no need to login every month to pay).
If you need to modify a payment amount or payment date or have any questions about payments at all, please contact PaidUp at 855.764.3232 or

Webinar:  There is a standing 20-minute webinar where parents can receive training on how to use their parent portal and ask questions about the service that PaidUp brings to NAVC 

Training Video:  We have created a training video for you.  This video is about 2 minutes 45 seconds and is desiged to take the anxiety out of the signup process.


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