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                                          TRAVEL INSTRUCTIONS

                                                                        HOTEL ACCOMMODATIONS
NAVC Travel Coordinator will book the roms for players (ages 14-18) and coaches at all tournaments that require overnight travel.  The cost of the hotel room for our 14-18 players who will stay in room as teams (4 girls per room) is included in the Player Fee.  Our teams 13 & under players stay with their parents, see below for family's booking rooms instructions.  The hotel information will be posted on our Travel Itinerary that is accessible on our Teams for Tournaments Page Click Here
NAVC Travel Coordinator will book a block of rooms for parents of players on all teams ages 10-18. It is the athlete's family responsibility to contact hotel and use credit card to book room by date that is listed.  The cost of the parents hotel  room, including those teams ages 13 & under who stay with their parents is not included in the Player Fee.

Many tournaments now use a "Stay to Play" policy which means that in order to participate in the tournament we must stay at a hotel contracted by the housing company.  When our teams travel to tournaments that use the "Stay to Play" policy we will direct you to the housing company website to make your reservations.

                                                                                    AIR TRAVEL
All athletes and their families are responsible for procuring their own airfare. Athletes should arrive the evening prior to competition. All return airfare should be booked to leave tournament city after 7:00 pm on final day of competition.

                                                          TRAVEL TO AND FROM TOURNAMENTS
Travel to and from tournaments is not provided by NAVC, the family is responsible to have the player at the tournament at the date & time set by the Head Coach.  If a family member is unable to attend the tournament you will need to set up transporation with other families attending the tournament.

                                                                                 TRAVEL POLICIES

The NAVC travel policies (located at the right side of this page) will hopefully answer all questions and/or concerns about the club’s trips to participate at tournaments. It is not intended to be a complete list and for the safety of our players, circumstances for any travel may require additional restrictions.

Everyone wants to have an enjoyable trip and in efforts to do this, everyone must adhere to some very basic policies. Both parents and players should review the policies to ensure that they have a complete understanding of the expectations that come with traveling as a member of North Atlanta Volleyball Club.

NAVC and its staff take the responsibility of traveling with a group of young ladies & boys extremely seriously. We have a zero tolerance policy for all players who violate any rule or code of conduct throughout the duration of the trip! From the moment a player arrives at the point of team assembly to the moment team travel is complete, each player will be under the supervision of NAVC staff and team chaperones.

Players and parents need to understand that the overall purpose of each trip is to participate in a volleyball tournament. Team social activities, while not discouraged, will come second to tournament requirements. Coaches/Chaperones will ensure that players have the opportunity to receive at least eight hours of sleep per night and eat three meals a day. Any social plans will be made around each team’s playing schedule, sleeping and eating requirements.

When you travel to a tournament here is how it will work:
  • Check in: Between 9-10:00. Please have all dinners finished by 9. Coach will confirm a meeting time once she/he receives everyone's anticipated ETAs.
  • Lights out: In bed, lights out, uniform laid out NO LATER THAN 10:00 at regular tournaments, at National Qualifiers 9:30 pm lights out.  Coaches will start room checks promptly after team meeting. If you are arriving after 10:30, please have your daughter go to your room for the night. Text your Coach so that she/he knows you have arrived safely. 
  • Cell phones/ iPods, iPads/ Laptops/ Kindle: All will be taken up during your room checks. 
Parent Concern: This is my daughter's first time sleeping away from home.
Club response: She will be with 2-3 roommates for company.
Parent Concern: My daughter might need me in the middle of the night.
Club response: She can use the hotel room to call your room/ cell phone. 
Parent Concern: What if there is a fire?
Club response: She shouldn't stop to make a phone call regardless. Follow fire drill rules lead by hotel.
Daughter concern: How will I set my alarm?
Club response: Call the front desk for a wake up call. Also, Coach will call each room in the morning to make sure you are up
Hotel roaming: You must be with either a parent or your roommates the entire time. Coaches must know where you are at all times. Do not run around the halls or misrepresent NAVC.

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